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Leanne Jones

CEO of Unmatte
Cleveland Browns Sr Marketing & Brand Strategy Manager

Leanne Jones is a multifaceted professional with a wealth of expertise spanning design, illustration, marketing, brand strategy, and website design and development. Her remarkable career encompasses a diverse range of skills and accomplishments, making her an exceptional talent in the world of creative and digital industries. Leanne’s ability to seamlessly blend design aesthetics with strategic marketing approaches, coupled with her proficiency in web design and development, has consistently driven success in her endeavors. Her commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in her work, making her a standout figure in the field.

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Kyle Williams

human resource manager

Tabitha ramkut

Assistant to CEO

Kaylee armstrong

project manager

frequently asked questions

The Unmatte Creative Branding Associate (CBA) Program is a unique opportunity that combines job experience with learning. CBAs work on real projects alongside our team, gaining hands-on experience in branding, marketing, and creative strategy.

Absolutely! We welcome college students to apply. During the initial 6-month period, CBAs can receive college credits. After six months, CBAs may receive 30% commission on projects they assist with.

The program lasts for 6 months. CBAs are expected to complete their assigned projects within this timeframe.

Absolutely, portfolios are a requirement for this role. As we collaborate with high-profile clientele, we seek candidates who already possess the necessary skillset for the position. Our approach focuses on enhancing and expanding your portfolio by providing opportunities to work with our prestigious clients.


  • Initial 6 Months: During this phase, you have the option to earn college credits for your work. Your focus during this period will be on building your skills and establishing yourself within our team. However, if you bring in a new contract (sales) during these first 6 months, you will be eligible to receive a substantial 50% of the white paper’s value related to that contract as an immediate bonus.
  • After the Initial 6 Months: Once you’ve completed your initial 6-month engagement and gained valuable experience, you will transition to the next phase. At this point, you’ll become eligible for our competitive compensation package, which includes a 30% commission on all white papers you contribute to (not sales). This means that you’ll start receiving your 30% commission after successfully completing the initial 6-month period. This salary range can have you earning ~ $1,000 – $7,000 monthly. [based on current employees].
  • Leveraging unmatte’s Resources: Throughout your engagement, you will have the unique advantage of leveraging unmattes branding and resources to secure high-value contracts. Our established reputation and resources will serve as valuable tools in your arsenal, enabling you to secure contracts with higher payouts and create a steady income stream as you continue your journey with us.

This compensation structure is designed to recognize your progress and success, with an initial focus on skill-building and setting the standards within our work and flow, followed by a competitive commission structure to reward your ongoing contributions to our agency. It reflects our commitment to your growth and prosperity as a valued member of our team.

CBAs have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including graphic design, marketing strategy, social media management, athlete/artist management, and more. You can choose projects aligned with your interests and talents.

Yes, we value talent and potential. At the end of the 6-month program, CBAs can request a promotion and discuss potential full-time opportunities with our HR team.

Yes, we embrace remote work arrangements. Our team collaborates virtually, allowing you to work from the location that suits you best.

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