Unmatte partnered with Desiree Talley Esq and POPLAW Podcast to enhance their online presence and reach a wider audience. Leveraging our expertise in digital marketing, we crafted a comprehensive strategy tailored to their unique brand identity and objectives.


Desiree Talley Esq.
POPLAW Podcast

service Categories

web design, social media management, marketing management, creative direction, brand management

Client service dates

June 2023 – June 2024

Through our partnership with Desiree Talley Esq, Unmatte executed a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at elevating her brand presence and positioning her as a prominent figure in her industry. Our services included social media management, website design and development, graphic design, and creative direction, all tailored to align with Desiree’s goal of expanding her influence and engaging with a wider audience. Together, we revitalized her online presence, launched a bespoke merchandise website featuring over 8 custom-designed products, and facilitated her emergence as a popular public figure admired for her expertise and authenticity. This collaborative effort not only solidified Desiree’s brand identity but also propelled her toward achieving her overarching goal of becoming a recognized leader in her field.

LinkedIn Authority

Desiree Talley Esq established herself as a prominent figure in her industry. Leveraging our tailored strategies, she experienced a significant increase in profile views, engagement, and connection requests. By positioning herself as a thought leader and sharing valuable insights, Desiree expanded her network and attracted new opportunities, solidifying her authority on the platform.

merchandise launch

We successfully launched Desiree Talley Esq’s merchandise website, featuring an exquisite collection of over 8 custom-designed products. Each item, meticulously crafted to reflect Desiree’s distinctive style and professionalism, captured the essence of her brand. From statement apparel to chic accessories, the merchandise epitomized Desiree’s unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Brand ReDesign

elevating her brand to new heights. Our comprehensive approach resulted in a refreshed visual identity and messaging that accurately reflected Desiree’s values and vision. The rebrand garnered widespread attention and accolades, positioning Desiree as a dynamic force in her field and opening doors to exciting collaborations and opportunities.

Results & Conclusion

Unmatte’s tailored services played a pivotal role in elevating Desiree Talley Esq’s public persona, positioning her as a respected and influential figure. Through strategic social media management, Desiree experienced a significant increase in engagement and visibility, attracting a broader audience and fostering meaningful connections. Our rebranding efforts further solidified her identity, captivating audiences and garnering attention from industry peers. As a result, Desiree emerged as a popular public figure, admired for her expertise, authenticity, and impact on her community.

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